We offer an array of onions including red, green and white onions of varied sizes. Onion is the most widely eaten vegetable as it is low in calories and a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. We make sure in cultivating onions on a large scale so as to meet the increasing market demand. Each stage of cultivation is stringently quality inspected to remove the extra moisture without damaging its natural aroma and flavor.

We are dealers of fresh onions that are grown by farmers and agriculturists to international markets. These are uniform in size and provide a delicious taste to varied cuisines. The onion exported by us is packed with complete care to prevent them from moisture


We supply organically grown commercial quality potatoes and also export them to different countries. We source these potatoes from trusted farmers to ensure that only the best potatoes are supplied.

Potatoes are highly popular and widely used vegetable for high carbohydrate content. We export potatoes in bulk, and our quality controllers make sure that  our farmers  stop  indiscriminate  use of

unsafe chemicals / insecticides having residual effect resulting in the deterioration of the potato quality.

We are offering high quality potatoes that are naturally grown, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Available in wider variety, the range is carefully packed with superior quality material that enhances its shelf life.


Other Vegetables


We also supply quality brinjals. Brinjal or the egg plant is one of the most popular vegetable of the Indian masses. A low calorie vegetable with a unique taste and flavor, brinjal is widely used in a variety of Indian cuisine such as in pickles, curries and chutney. There are various pests that affect the quality of brinjal so we make sure that it is not cultivated in areas previously used for other cultivation purpose.

Okra / Lady finger

We cultivate okra commonly known as lady finger all year round. Highly nutritious, the okras add great taste to soups and stews. It is widely consumed for its rich fiber content and also a source of vitamin C, vitamin B and folic acid. We make sure in delivering fresh and young okras free from any kind of bruises.  These lady fingers are sourced from reputed and trusted producers. High on nutrients, this green vegetable is highly recommended for health.