Pakistan is blessed with a climate ideally suited to the farming of all kinds of fruits - rich in taste and juicy. Farmers have been developing newer strains of fruit by grafting one exotic variety with another.

Pakistan is largest producer of Kinnow Mandarin. A variety closer to tangerine & similar in taste. Its aroma and taste
makes kinnow
mandarin one of  the best mandarins varieties every known to man kind.


The King of fruit Pakistani Mango is the fruit par excellence of Subcontinent. It has had a prominent position among the commercial fruits of Pakistan.

Pakistan Mango varieties have been known for its attractive colours, aroma, delightful taste and high nutritive value. Mango fruits contain 10-20% sugar and it is important source of vitamin

A & C & contain vitamin B. Small amount of protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus are also present.

We offer fresh pomegranates from our farms where the fruit is cultivated in abundance, using the latest agricultural technique. Pomegranates are a favorite for many, owing to its sweet and tart taste that adds a rich flavor to a variety of dishes. There is a high demand for pomegranates as they are rich source of antioxidants, vitamin B and C and are naturally cholesterol/fat-free.

Our company packs the pomegranate in tight pack to ensure that delivery will be of no damages to the fruit. We also offer the best packaging facilities as required by buyers and other clients.




We supply and export the choicest apples to departmental stores and large fruit vendors in different parts of the world. It is apt to write that "an apple a day keeps the Doctor away" and also add to it keeps the old-age away. It is a highly nutritive fruit containing essential food elements such as sugar 11%, fat 0.4%, protein 0.3%, carbohydrates 14.9% and vitamins C, A & B in a balanced form. In America and Europe it is considered as a bottle of vitamins. It ranks

third in consumption after citrus and banana.



We offer an array of onions including red, green and white onions of varied sizes. Onion is the most widely eaten vegetable as it is low in calories and a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. We make sure in cultivating onions on a large scale so as to meet the increasing market demand. Each stage of cultivation is stringently quality inspected to remove the extra moisture without damaging its natural aroma and flavor.

We are dealers of fresh onions that are grown by farmers and agriculturists to international markets.